Our Impact

Community Kitchens
Clean Cooking Gas
plastic waste recycling
Empowering Women Waste Pickers

Currently, we are serving about 9,050 customers each month (2,400 through gas cylinders, and 6,650 through the community kitchen). According to Impact Forecast (https://impact-forecast.com/) - a platform that helps innovators, startups, and ecopreneurs measure and improves their climate impact and helps quantify the impact of interventions in eliminating C02 emissions), we are currently stopping about 267.7 tons of C02 from being emitted each month. At the same time, by removing plastic waste from landfills, we mitigate the plastic waste footprint. Currently, we are recycling just over 114 tons of plastic waste each month, with the average plastic waste footprint being about 3.85 kgs, we are potentially stopping an extra 408.12 tons of C02 from being emitted by converting plastic waste into clean energy. In total, we are combating about 675.82 tons of C02 from being on each month. We are confident that we are on the right trajectory to scale, our plan to scale is anchored on:
1. Growing our production capacity
2. Hiring
3. Digitization and Continous Innovation
We are looking to serve about 80,000 Households ( each household consists of an average of 5 people) each month, this will see us stop 16,473.84 tons of C02 from being emitted each month ( Impact forecast), and at the same, we will be recycling about 869 tons of plastic waste to meet our customer's needs. Recycling 869 tons each month will see us stop an extra 125,571 tons of C02. At scale, we will be stopping a total of 142,004.84 tons of C02 from being emitted each month, which will translate to 323,257.08 annually. By the year 2050, Mega Gas would have potentially reduced 5,463,095.16 of C02 emissions.